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Together against deforestation

Soy as feed is one of the main causes of deforestation in the rainforest:

Three soccer fields and more than 600 million trees in the rainforest are cut down every minute. The rainforest has to give way mainly to the cultivation of soy for animal feed. Together we can do our part to promote the production of local protein in the form of insects.

Let's make our animal feed ourselves - without any negative effects on the rainforest!

How can you help?

In the long term, we have to be more conscious of our consumption of meat and animal products. If possible, buy local eggs and chicken that comes from insect-fed chickens. The animal welfare of the chickens is increased. As in nature, they get insects as food. In addition, these insects are nourished by local by-products - no tree has to be felled!

Donate by bank transfer or Twint and enter the canton you want to support as the reason for payment. This enables you to breed locusts for laying hens on a farm in this canton.


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Trees saved in the rainforest