From local by-products to protein

Whether it's a farm, zoo or food manufacturer, many different customers are already breeding their grasshoppers in the SmartBreed boxes. The automated breeding box meets all customer requirements and enables all-round efficient, sustainable and competitive breeding directly on the farm, in the zoo and on site at food manufacturers.


Great potential for grasshoppers as animal food

Grasshoppers help to close local cycles in a sustainable way. Because they can optimally utilize fiber-rich unused and surplus agricultural by-products and convert them into high-quality proteins, they are perfectly suited to making animal husbandry more sustainable and efficient.
Automated breeding allows grasshopper to be bred directly on the farm , where they can be used as an interesting alternative to soy or fish meal.

The grasshopper box empowers farmers at the local level to grow high-quality proteins themselves, bridging the gap between agricultural waste and food production.